Desert Fly (Score) - Piano & Clarinet - Danny Blaker


Desert Fly (Score) - Piano & Clarinet - Danny Blaker


Among the sweeping desert dunes, under an endless sky

A desert fly is perched

A lonely match is lit, and the fly’s world stirs

Above, unfathomable globes of combusting gases

 an incomprehensible mass of atoms being welded together, torn apart and blasted into all directions in a frenzy of random flame and force.

Each plume of fire, its scale understood only by a mesh of numbers and theories

Then there was weightlessness

Like the fly was in an upturned sand timer, and everything would slip into the sky

As the Fly’s world fell, his wings spread

His grip pulled tighter against the plummeting earth

Spinning converging novas of wind, with no epicentre;

Without a trait or quality, direction or variation

The only observation to be made was that of its gaining strength

Embers rained from the sky with a purpose and bearing that made this alien world seem almost real

The valley curled in itself like a dying insect, and everything became smaller

For the fly; Distances became shorter

By the travellers fire

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