NMPS - Argh The Data Pirate

Welcome fellow North Melbourne Primary School-ian! I'm Archi's dad (grade 1), and I'm excited to show you a new book that me (and Archi) have been working on. It's called Argh The Data Pirate, and its a fun book that introduces kids to coding and data science. 

In the book, you get to write code to solve puzzles using a LIVE code-editor! :D

Data literacy - both understanding and interpereting data is a crucial skill for the next generation to have, especially as we move into further into a digital age, and jobs become more tech-oriented.

I invite you to download a sample copy below!

And if you enjoy it - you're most welcome to get either the full e-book or a hardcopy via the link below!


Use the code below to recieve a special discount for all NMPS students!!!

CODE: nmps