Rgh the Data Pirate's ULTIMATE R cheat sheet!

*RRGH!!!* Hey - that sounded like ... RGH the Data Pirate!! A swash-buckling data scientist character I just invented. In Rgh's first appearance, he presents you with a true treasure! - A shiny, comprehensive R cheat sheet - hours in the making. If you're using R for data analysis, or learning R at the moment, your life will be made easier with this trusty tool by your side. Just make sure Rgh's scheming parrot – “Carat the Data Parrot” - doesn't snatch this treasure while you’re not looking!

Want to learn R and other data science tools? I recommend Datacamp. They're fantastic!

R will never be the same with out it!

R will never be the same with out it!

Danny Baker

Danny has a wealth of experience in the start-up and technology sectors spanning over 10 years, and is the founder and co-founder of numerous companies and initiatives, such as Unudge, & Geartooth.

Danny's diverse skill set encompasses disruptive marketing strategy, business strategy, product design, audio production, data analysis (R, R Markdown, Python), graphics design (photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator), communications, social media marketing, project management, growth strategy, UX design, front-end web development (WP, Joomla, JS, Python, HTML, CSS), and corporate law.

Danny is also a spreadsheet expert and an online instructor, teaching at Udemy.com. His courses have amassed over 11,000 students to date.

He also blogs regularly – you can find his posts at www.dannyblaker.com/blog.

You can reach Danny on twitter @DannyBlaker