Growth-hackers statistics cheatsheet

Growth hackers and marketers have to work with and analyse large amounts data on a daily basis. Often we're zoned-in on calculating the key metrics such as:

Conversion rate (CR)

Customer acquisition price (CAC), or subscriber acquisition price (SAC)

Average revenue per user (ARPU)

monthly recurring revenue (MRR) - (SaaS businesses tend to focus on these)

Lifetime price (LTV), typically spoken as time lifetime customer value (LCV)

Average client time period (ACL)


However, it also helps to have a strong foundation in general statistics - which is sometimes overlooked. And you don't have to be a data science enthusiast (LIKE ME!!) to learn these concepts.

Below you will find my growth-hackers statistics cheat-sheet which covers some of the most fundamental formulas and concepts that anyone working in growth will benefit from having a basic understanding of. 

I hope you find it to be both helpful & a useful resource!


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