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Danny is a tech entrepreneur, and enterprise full-stack web developer and data analyst specialising in Python and R, from Melbourne, Australia. Previously, he was head of Marketing at Melbourne enterprise technology firm Icestorm Digital Solutions, and head of Data Analysis at GearTooth. He has a wealth of experience in the start-up and technology sectors spanning over 10 years, and has co-founded numerous companies (see linkedin). His current companies include the Unudge - an innovative communications wearable, and Artemis - an artificially intelligent text recognition and analysis software for business intelligence and big data analysis based on regression models. Danny also recently published a book that introduces kids to data analysis and coding in the R programming language.

Danny's diverse skill set encompasses both back-end and front-end web development (Django, Rails, ReactJS), software development, web-scraping, data analysis (both R and Python), disruptive marketing strategy and growth operations, audio production, graphics design, project management, UX design, front-end web development (Wordpress, Joomla, JS, Python, HTML, CSS), and corporate law.

Danny is also a spreadsheet and google scripts expert teaching at His courses have amassed over 11,000 students to date. 

He also blogs regularly here: Fish in Fordham

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