Well done for finishing Rgh the Data Pirate and the Lost Pearl!

look the pearl is OPENING!

O COOL! It's a set of data! Let's open it to find out what's inside!

Follow the steps below to open it!


R-Studio is a Free analysis software used some of the best data analysts in the world. Follow the steps in the video below to install it :) (you can skip the part on installing packages if you like!)

STEP 2 - Open database found in the Pearl

To open the database, paste the following code into script editor (top left box) in R-studio. (If you can't see the script editor, create a new script by going up to FILE -> NEW FILE -> R SCRIPT

mystery_database <- read.csv("https://www.dannyblaker.com/s/pearl_db.csv")

STEP 3 - What does the database contain?