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More than anything, it's a place where you can become a part of my life as well, enjoy every moment, and achieve amazing feats.

But a question you must have on your mind by now is:

WHY fish in fordham?

Well - on the surface its some what of a mysterious childhood reference - kind of like "Rosebud" in Citizen Cane - just with less snow. But beyond the surface, it represents everything that i believe in; that drives me; that has got me to where I am today; and that I want to share with the people in my life - it is - in fact, the very place that I began my journey as an entrepreneur. It's the place where I honed my creative mindset as a child - and there's no other place on earth that is more important to me than this place.

But the true significance of the words "Fish in Fordham" lie shrouded in a good story. So, I'll indulge you with just that.

This story starts at 2 in the afternoon when my dad got a call from the kindergarten around the corner on my first day.

When the lady said where she was calling from, my dad thought "this can't be good', As is the usual scenario on the first day of kinder. But to his surprise, the kinder teacher was calling in not a state of urgency, nor delight, but rather, a state of complete bewilderment.

She began by running through a list of observations.

  • Danny didn't talk to any other child all day (not TOO unusual for me back then)
  • Danny didn't talk to or make eye contact with any of the carers at all (meh - a bit unusual)
  • Danny didn't partake in any games (hmm on the fence there)
  • Danny hasn't eaten anything at all (ok starting to get unusual)
  • Danny carefully selected one toy at the start of the day - took it into the corner - and has done nothing but play with that one toy all day. (yep - definitely unusual...)
  • Danny is still in the corner as we speak (errrr...)

at which point my dad asked "So he's not upset?"

to which the carer replied:

"No. He's still smiling deliriously, as he has been since the moment he sat down 5 hours ago. Wait hold-on - let me check - can't see from here because he's starring right into the corner of the wall... O YEP - still smiling".

So it was clear from early on that I wasn't exactly - as one would describe it - a "normal" child, and I obviously had a different way of looking at the world. (well the corners of rooms at least). But the fact was, I did have a scarily high aptitude for creativity early on - all I needed was one toy - and not even food apparently - and I was already lost in a rich, and complex world of my own.

So where does fordham gardens come in? and what about the fish? - YES WHAT ABOUT THE FISH!! COME ON! TELL ME! -Ok ok, i'll get to it - BUT MASTER IS OUR FRIEND! - we have no friends - GOLLUM! *cough* GOLLUM.!

Well... there’s a garden in Camberwell, Melbourne, Australia called fordham gardens.. And it has a park.



Yes.. There it is.

And in that park there is a lake.

Most of my childhood was spent in that park, where I would sit on the rocks next to the lake, and live in my imaginary world - from commanding armies to other wilderness adventures - I'd be lost in the world that I created for hours at a time.

But perhaps the most joy I experienced was fishing in the lake.

Except for one small set back..... 

there were no fish.


I would simply grab a blade of long grass, put it in the water, and wait. (or so it seemed)

Every guest that came to the house would be mobbed by me telling them that they just HAD to come fishing in the lake!

and sure enough, they'd come down to the lake all excited, but then I would just grab a blade of grass... and put it in the water. 

And they'd stand there perplexed, face squinting in confusion.

The thing is - they couldn't see what I was seeing.

When I cast my blade of grass in the water, I could catch things beyond imagination, and beyond possible. There was no limit to what I could achieve, and what I could catch.

Today as an entrepreneur, heavily involved in the startup eco-system - I've come to realize that - for me, casting that blade of grass into the lake, and catching the impossible, the improbable, and what does not exist, would later become part of the very fabric of my mission, and existence; And that the internal constructs that we develop ourselves to make sense of the world, must sometimes be broken to achieve the extraordinary.

And THAT, my friend, is why when I started this blog, i could only call it 

fish in fordham

Hopefully one day, you'll be able to visit it yourself, take a blade of grass, sit for a while, and be inspired by what now only you and I can see.

(You can find a map to it below :)!